What does it mean to become a Dreamer?

When teachers partner with Dreamers, sales proceeds will go directly to teachers to fund school supplies! 

I've signed up to be Dreamer! What can I expect?

1. We will contact you to set your fundraise goal with us.  

2. Once that's set, we will provide you a personal discount code. Each legging purchased using your code will be contributed to your fundraise goal! 

What % of sales will I receive towards my fundraise?

Within the first 24 hours of your personal code goes "live", 100% of ALL sales proceeds (minus shipping & tax) will go towards you. 

After 24 hours, 40% of ALL sales (minus shipping & tax) under your personal code will go towards you until you meet your fundraise goal.

Do I have any limits on my fundraise goal?

Yes, current limit per teacher is $600. Dreamers Yoga cannot guarantee that you will meet your fundraise goal. The fundraises are subject to our legging inventory. 

When & how do I get paid?

You get paid within 24 hours of when you meet your goal. You will have the choice to receive payment in Amazon gift card or in supplies off of your list.

Can I cancel my fundraise?

Yes! Absolutely. You can cancel your fundraise at any time. We will deactivate your code within 24 hours of the request. These requests can be e-mailed to info@dreamersyoga.com