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Meet Sontreka!

She teaches 9th grade Algebra I at Bryant Public Schools & coaches cross country & girls’ basketball. In addition to building relationships with students & teachers, she focuses her energy to allow students to be vulnerable, make mistakes, and allow others to achieve their goals. 

This really struck a chord with us: showing kids that being vulnerable and asking for help goes a long way. Many kids & youths face anxiety from social & internal pressure to be a certain way - a lot of times that can lead them to compensate for their weaknesses rather than working them to their advantage. Sontreka is creating an environment where youths can be vulnerable. This allows their voices to be heard, be empowered, and become their best selves. 

We cannot wait to see what kind of kids you will create through your teaching. You are truly amazing and marking our next generation’s superstars. 

Check out IG: @icoachpromise & amazing art work for her class below!

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